The way to health, beauty and well-being gets easier and more pleasant. Countless versions of superb massages redeem of tensions and activate energies.

Classic massage

The aim of the classic massage is to loosen tense muscles, stimulate the circulation and relieve pain in a targeted manner.

Duration: 50 min 60,00 €

Relax massage with essential oils

Aroma pure Massage - internal balance
The relaxing properties of angelica, lavender, tangerine and grapefruit are melded with the calming effects of exotic scents such as frankincense, patchouli, ylang-ylang and precious Indian nard, native to the Himalayas. St. John‘s wort oil is the basis of this skin care oil and enriches it with its characteristic warmth, relieving mental and muscular tension.

Duration: 50 min 65,00 €

Relax massage with essential oils

Aroma pure Massage – Harmony
This massage oil will guide you into the gentle calm of sleep with the fresh scent of pine & sweet notes of vanilla & citrus fruits. The massage oil was developed specifically for sleep-seekers. Its base is organic calendula oil, which provides the most delicate skin with gentle protection.

Duration: 50 min 65,00 €

Relax massage with essential oils

Aroma pure Massage – Vitality
For an invigorating massage, with a basis of arnica oil from the mountains. This massage oil is characterized by juniper with its invigorating touch and its unique fragrance. The heat and the stimulating component of rosemary cineol and cypress create balance and the strength of lemon and grapefruit rounds out the bouquet.

Duration: 50 min 65,00 €

Back-Neck massage

This massage is especially for people suffering from tense backs or necks. You feel free after it.

Duration: 25 min 40,00 €

Shoulder-neck and head massage

The neck and shoulder muscles have to deal with the tension of workaday life. This part of the body contains the meridians that work together with the gall bladder and the liver: it is therefore very important to relax this whole area.

Duration: 25 min 38,00 €

Special Massages

Foot reflexology massage

Our feet mirror all our vital organs. By stimulating the pressure points on the soles of the feet, we can influence the corresponding organ. The effect is very relaxing.

Duration: 50 min 65,00 €

Manual lymphatic drainage

Manual massage for the whole body, including face. Stimulates the lymphatic system and improves the circulation.

Whole body, 70 min 85,00 €
Legs, 25 min 45,00 €

Vitalstone Massage

The energy of stones that leads to harmony for body and mind. A ritual of deep relaxation massage and the effect of warm basalt stones and precious essential oils. Mind and soul get relieved from negative influences and subserve the entire body with energy and vitality.

Duration: 90 min 95,00 €

Vitalis© massage resonanz Dorsalis

The perfect massage experience to forget about everyday life. This sophisticated back massage relieves tension in the back muscles and improves the dynamics of the spine. The particular application of energetic massage and cupping methods provides comfort and relaxation for the stressed back. It helps to maintain posture and gives us beauty and radiance.

Duration: 50 min 70,00 €