Breathe in the fresh air!

Kohlern, Bozen’s local mountain

Eight kilometres, 800 metres of ascent and five minutes on foot – these make all the difference. From city to mountain, from the everyday to a welcome break, from Bozen to Kohlern. The world’s first passenger cable car was opened between Bozen and Kohlern in 1908: it is still whisking fresh air lovers up to the mountain today.

The small mountain village of Kohlern consists of the hamlets of Herrenkohlern and Bauernkohlern: Kohlern in turn belongs to the municipality of Bozen. Its highest point is the peak known as the Titschen, while the name “Kohlern” comes from its past as a charcoal-burning settlement, where charcoal was made for the city of Bozen. Nowadays Kohlern can offer almost unlimited hiking and cycling possibilities that reach even as far as the Dolomites. There is something for those seeking quiet, those seeking adventure, for the traditional and the modern. There are mixed woodlands to investigate, flowering meadows to dance on, views to marvel at – while the 36-metre-high panoramic tower, made of larch wood, is the only one of its kind in Italy. The sounds of nature are a constant companion: leaves rustle, birds chirp, hearts beat. There are just a few farms, a restaurant – and your hotel, at 1,250 metres above sea level in Kohlern: adventure and relaxation, just you and the mountain.